Due to changes in Amazon's advertising policies SageLink is currently placing its advertising marketplace on hold. We anticipate that native advertising will eventually become an integral source of revenue in the voice world, and we greatly admire all those creating new voice content despite the lack of monetization options. We're grateful to all of the skill creators and advertisers that explored this new world with us - Team SageLink
Engagement Isn’t a Click.
Engagement Isn’t a View.
Engagement is a Conversation.
Conversational advertising creates engagement like no other medium. Audiences remember SageLink created conversations in the same way we all remember conversations we have with each other.
Premium Apps

SageLink only partners with highly rated voice applications.

Direct Matching

SageLink is not an automated ad network. Instead, Sagelink pairs Marketers and Voice Applications to create long term partnerships and to ensure ad content fits perfectly with app content.

Two Way Conversational Ad Formats

SageLink offers interactive ad formats that allow users to converse with marketing content. Marketers can create copy using the SageLink platform to guide unique conversations.

Real Time Tracking

Marketers can check campaign progress in real time to understand how the audience is interacting with a conversation. Full pricing transparency is also guaranteed.

Feel free to reach out to us for more information or if you would like to advertise on our platform.