Due to changes in Amazon's advertising policies SageLink is currently placing its advertising marketplace on hold. We anticipate that native advertising will eventually become an integral source of revenue in the voice world, and we greatly admire all those creating new voice content despite the lack of monetization options. We're grateful to all of the skill creators and advertisers that explored this new world with us - Team SageLink
Monetization that Voice Apps Can Trust
SageLink serves minimalist non-invasive ads

Why SageLink?

Approve Advertisers

SageLink recommends brands for Voice Apps to approve and select, leading to long term advertising partnerships.

Native Sponsorships

SageLink partners with Voice Apps, brands and professional voice actors to create native ads that fit the theme and style of each App.

Premium Pricing

App Creators receive premium CPMs due to the effectiveness of SageLink’s native advertising.

Frequency Caps

App Creators have control over how often users will experience advertising.

Feel free to reach out to us for more information or if you would like to join our platform.